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Dedicated to promoting stewardship and responsible use of aquatic resources, fisheries and habitats.

Founded 1994, AREA is dedicated to sound educational practices, stewardship and responsible use of aquatic resources, fisheries and habitats to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations.


AREA Sponsors work with the organization throughout the year for the benefit of both groups.  Sponsorship is a vital part of the organization and our sponsors are valuable assets to AREA members.  Consider becoming an AREA sponsor.  Use this form.  If you want to discuss sponsorship opportunities with AREA, please contact the AREA President or the AREA Regional Representative in your region.

About us

AREA members participate in a national effort toward angler and aquatic education, angler R3, outreach, resource conservation, research, program evaluation, and similar functions related to aquatic education and angler R3 programs. AREA members can participate in the national biennial conference and regional meetings / updates.

The Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA) was established in response to a growing national need for a cohesive voice and a more fluid, organized approach to regional, state, and local aquatic concerns. Members participate in a national effort toward education, conservation, legislation, science, research, and similar functions related to aquatics and aquatic programs. Members have direct access to national, regional, and local levels of support and expertise. 

As a member

You hold a special place in the ARE world among professionals.

The Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA) is a unique national not-for-profit association dedicated to furthering aquatic education.  AREA is governed by an elected Board of Directors representing geographic regions and headed by a President, elected by the Members. AREA Members include, for example,

  • State aquatic education program directors, managers, and aquatic program coordinators;
  • Representatives of game, fish, and wildlife departments and  organizations;
  • Environmental protection and conservation officials;
  • Aquatic resources and sport fishing educators;
  • Natural resources, parks, and youth program leaders;
  • Watershed education and habitat restoration professionals; 
  • Federal, state, and local officials; and,
  • Related organizations, groups, and private industry.

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