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Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer

Speaker Presentations, Bios
  • Aquatic Education Programs for Diverse Audiences, Virginia Guhin and Robin Madrid, Summary & Bios
  • Beyond the Fly Box: Tying into Social Networks, Scott Travers, Summary & Bio
  • Boneyard to Nature Site: Creating an Aquatic Education Site, Cheryl Moxley, Summary & Bio
  • Don't Reinvent the Reel: Sharing 20 Years Teaching Experience, Doug Darr, Summary & Bio
  • Engaging and Empowering Our Next Generation of Anglers with R3 Entertainment and Classroom Aquatic Education, Dan Bertaian, Summary & Bio
  • Getting on Trac, with TRACS, Justin Cutler and Mary Price, Summary & Bios
  • Plugging into the Digital Angler, Barb Gigar, Summary & Bio
  • Rein in the Chaos: Best Practices in Classroom Management, Tracy Page, Summary & Bio
  • Shore Up Partnerships with Future Angler Foundation, Nick Schmal, Summary & Bio
  • Surveys vs Evaluations: Best Practices to Get the Information You Need, Tracy Page, Summary & Bio
  • Utilizing Partners to Engage Hispanic Audiences, Barb Gigar, Summary & Bio
  • Veteran Service Programs and Public Lands: A New Paradigm, Paul Ketrick and David Hu, Summary & Bios
  • Wading into Social Media, Ethan Rotman and Richard Muñoz, Summary & Bios
  • We All Live Downstream - Interpretive Teaching, Doug Greenfield and Larry Graff, Summary & Bios 
  • Weaving Cultural Values and Traditions to Sustain Fishing, Vilma Ordonez and Rosemary Camacho, Summary
  • WILD About Fishing, Lori Adams, Summary & Bio

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