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Tuesday, October 31, 2017 5:05 PM | Anonymous member

Hello All,

Below is an email from one of my colleagues here in Colorado.  I know some of you have work with Tabbi on NASP and other programs.  Tabbi has been working on this project as part of AFWA and is looking for some environmental educators to review some monarch butterfly education materials that are out there.  She asked if I could pass this along to this group to see if any of you would be interested.  You can contact Tabbi directly.

Please see her request below.  I believe the links work but let me know if you are having any problems.  

Thank you.


Hello Wildlife Professionals,


As part of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA) Conservation Education Strategy, we are working on the final component of our most recent multi-state grant.


In response to AFWA Resolution 2014-1, Support for the Monarch Butterfly Conservation, the Conservation Education Strategy is creating a best-practices resource for monarch butterfly conservation education. This resource guide will only recommend the highest ranking resources, as ranked by YOU (or someone in your organization – please share with the right people if this is not you) and other conservation educators around the country.


We have compiled 25 different monarch butterfly education resources falling into these four categories:

1.      Curriculum teaching about the biology and ecology of the monarch

2.      Raising monarchs in the classroom

3.      Creating butterfly/pollinator gardens at schools

4.      Engaging students in citizen science monitoring


If you agree to be one of our reviewers, you will be assigned to review only five of the resources. Your review will be based on the criteria created by the North American Association for Environmental Education in the Guidelines for Excellence - Environmental Education Materials. Your review will entail reviewing the resources and taking a close look at the resources as an experienced conservation educator. You do not need to teach any of the lessons in order to complete your resource review.


If you are willing and able to review resources by Wednesday, November 15th, please respond or send an email to Tabbi Kinion. You will be given links to the five resources as well as a link to the evaluation tool. Overall, your evaluation should take less than two hours to evaluate all five resources. The resource tool includes a place for your contact information so that we can give you credit as a reviewer in the final document.


Thank you for your time and commitment to creating strong conservation education resources.


Thank you -




Tabbi Kinion

Statewide Education Coordinator

Colorado Parks and Wildlife


303.291.7165 | F 303.291.7113

6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216 |
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