Conference Contacts

AREA President
Karen Marks

Aquatic Education Manager

Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.

4200 Smith School Rd.

Austin, TX 78744

Office: 512-389-4732

Cell: 512-913-7615

Fax: 512-389-8673

Award Nominations, Christina Milloy,

Presentation Proposals, Kimberly Sullivan,

Larry Pape, Aquatic Education Coordinator
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
2200 N 33rd Street
Lincoln, NE 68510
Phone: 402-247-5447

Barb Gigar, Education and Outreach
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
57744 Lewis Road, Lewis, IA 51544
Phone: 515-494-3891

Ethan Rotman
Fishing in the City Coordinator
California Fish and Game

Steve Marshall, Fisheries Biologist
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
9557 Majestic Way
Boynton Beach, Florida 33437
Phone: 561-292-6050

Kimberly Sullivan, Aquatic Education Specialist
Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife
Education Center
1B Camp E-Hun-Tee Place
Exeter, RI 02882
Phone: 401-539-0019 | 401-539-0037

Teresa Rodriguez, Wildlife Management
District of Columbia Department of Environment

Registration and Payment, Carol Paterick,, 301-805-0784

"Aquatic Resources Education Association" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Founded in 1994.
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