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5 New Books For Every Angler

August 17, 2019 7:04 AM | Anonymous

1. Finding The Treasures Of The Trails, Kayak Fishing

Gary Rankel

152 pages | $20

Why Read It?

Finding the Treasures of the Trails, Kayak Fishing is a treasure for any angler. The first 66 pages of the spiral-bound book offer step-by-step instruction on inshore saltwater and freshwater fishing. Rankel shares his experiences, backed by thorough research, to describe everything from essential kayak gear to safety gear and fishing tackle.

Then Treasures of the Trails prepares the angler to fish every corner of Florida’s Citrus County. Nestled in the crook of the panhandle, the county harbors too many parks and preserves to count. The book covers redfish, trout and snook on the west coast to freshwater bass fishing in the inland lakes. Rankel shares detailed description of each hot spot along with a winning game plan.

The book’s most valuable treasures are detailed maps and illustrations labeled with launch spots and fishing holes. Whether you’re heading to Citrus County for vacation, moving to town or lived there all your life, Finding the Treasures of the Trails is priceless.

2. Strong Is The Current

Joel Spring

182 pages | $23

Why Read It?

“Grief is a strange fishing partner,” Joel Spring writes in his memoir Strong is the Current, A Grieving Father’s Meditations on Life, Loss and Fishing. The collection of essays chronicles Spring’s journey through losing his young-adult daughter to brain cancer.

Spring shares fish stories from before, during and after his tragic loss; the author remembers the good times, survives the bad and emerges on the other side wiser and happier. Not only does the reader grow with the author, but we join him for some exciting fishing.

In addition to reflection and spiritual awareness, Strong is the Current is funny and fun. While we’re sorry for Spring’s loss, we’re glad for the insight and understanding his book brings.

3. Kayak Fly Fishing

Ben Duchesney

190 pages | $29.95

Why Read It?

When readers pick up Kayak Fly Fishing, they are holding two books under one cover. Duchesney, a former web editor for Kayak Angler, covers everything to get started kayak fishing and fly fishing with practical tips for combining the two pursuits. Readers benefit from Duchesney’s experience in both sports.

In addition to running the online side of this magazine, Duchesney also worked for Postfly, the world-famous fly-of-the-month club. The book starts with chapters on choosing and rigging a boat, then the author describes the best tackle and gear for any level fly angler.

The clear, how-to information is glued together with fish stories making Kayak Fly Fishing as engaging as it is instructional.

4. 101 Freshwater

Kayak Launching Points

Paul Batchelder, Sr.

248 pages. | $19.95

Why Read It?

If you fished two days each week, it would take almost two years to hit all the spots described in 101 Freshwater Kayak Launching Points by Paul Batcheler, Sr. The author has lived and fished in Texas for almost 40 years, exploring the best water for the biggest fish.

The book opens with chapters on safety, rigging and angling ethics. “Pick up after yourself and someone else,” Batchelder encourages in the Etiquette chapter. The bulk of the book is devoted to how to access and fish every hole and holler in the Lone Star State. Batcheler says, “We ended up with more locations than expected and included them all in this book.”

5. An Angler’s Journal

Quiet Fox Design

145 pages | $12.99

Why Read It?

With high-powered, multi-function fishing applications available on smartphones and computer screens (see page 25), An Angler’s Journal takes a creative approach to saving memories. The beautifully-illustrated journal includes pages to track rod, reel and tackle purchases.

Each log page has labels for when, where and how fish were caught. On the opposite page, readers can paste a print-out of a satellite image marked with notes and hot spots. In the back of the book, a life list allows anglers to check off significant catches. The last ten pages are left blank for photos of the catch to create a practical album of fishing memories.

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