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 National Conservation Training Center

698 Conservation Way, Shepherdstown, WV 25443

877-706-NCTC (6282) or 304- 876-7900

NCTC - a Unique Venue
AREA is pleased to announce that for 2016, AREA delegates will be hosted by the National Conservation Training Center, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

ABOUT:  The National Conservation Training Center supports the mission of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in five critical ways:

Home and Heritage: NCTC serves as the physical and virtual “home” of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where the history and heritage of the Service are preserved and shared;

Training for the Mission: NCTC provides exemplary training and professional development tailored to support Service employees and conservation partners in accomplishing the agency’s mission;

Youth in Conservation: NCTC helps the Service engage, educate, and employ the next generation of conservationists who reflect our diverse society, ensuring that our natural resource legacy is left in capable hands;

Partnerships: NCTC helps solve urgent conservation challenges, such as climate change, by bringing together diverse partners representing multiple points of view;

Sustainability: NCTC is a national leader in the conservation community for its state-of-the art facility and green practices.

The National Conservation Training Center, or frequently referred to as NCTC, is located just 60 miles or just over 1 hour outside the Washington DC metropolitan beltway. We are part of the Shepherdstown West Virginia community also known for the nearby state college just down the road from us. Our location is closest to the Washington Dulles International Airport.

NCTC is a walking campus on a 533 acre property. The instructional classrooms, commons, and housing are situated within the rural setting of both forest and grasslands. The architectural design demonstrates the buildings and walkways are blended with the landscape to entice guests to shed their metropolis pressures. Outdoor patios, walkways, and break areas are situated to easily view the Mid-Atlantic area wildlife throughout the four seasons. Birds, white-tailed deer, fox, and other critters are frequently seen skittering up nearby trees or moving along a grassland culvert.

NCTC is comprised of 17 buildings that make up a self-contained community.  Over five miles of asphalt trails inner-connect the buildings to each other. Instructional, dining, and lodging are all in separate buildings. Umbrella bins are available to migrate between buildings during inclement weather.

The central portion of the property known as the core campus is the instructional buildings complete with the guest Front Desk check in-out, auditorium, classrooms, computer and biology laboratories, and NCTC staff offices.

A bridge built at the height of a bird’s-eye view connects the core instructional area to the commons dining, social lounge, library, a full size gymnasium, workout room, and overnight guest housing units. Supporting over 300 staff, overnight guests, and any number of day guests are the NCTC central plant, maintenance shops, water treatment facility, and a waste management plant.

NOTICE August 12, 2016
Updated Rates Published

. Lodging at NCTC will go up $2 from $89 to $91 per night

. Meals stays the same at $46 per night (we do not charge guests for the $5 for incidentals)

. The $15 sustainability fee per person per night remains

. Overnight guests will pay $152 per night during the AREA conference

NCTC Lodging

Rooms available are are singles with one double bed.  A limited number of doubles (two beds or a bed and a pull out) are available on first-come, first-served basis for 2 roommates.

October 7 is the guarantee deadline for AREA to provide your room request to NCTC.

Rooms including Meal Service are estimated at $152 per occupant per night. 

CONFIRM YOUR ROOM, or Room and Shuttle

AREA provides room and shuttle requests to NCTC beginning September 7.  Confirm your room (or room and shuttle) through the Hotel Reservations office at 304-876-7900. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Tell the contact you are with the AREA conference. 


NCTC Meal Service

If not staying onsite at NCTC, you can still use the dining room paying for each meal at the register, including the Banquet Buffet. (The Banquet Buffet is included with onsite registrations.)


Breakfast: 6:30am - 9:00am  (Hot food until 8:30am)

Lunch: 11:30am - 1:30pm (Hot food until 1:00pm)

Dinner: 5:30pm - 7:30pm (Hot food until 7:30pm)  |  Dinner Sunday:  5:30pm - 9:30pm (Hot food until 9:30pm)

  • If arriving at NCTC after 7:30pm Monday-Saturday or after 9:30pm Sunday, you may request an NCTC Box Dinner to pickup at the NCTC registration desk upon your arrival. Use the conference registration form to request.
  • If departing by Shuttle at 7:00am, visit the dining hall at 6:30am you may request a breakfast-to-go bag.
  • If departing NCTC before the dining hall opens for lunch (11:30am), pre-order a box lunch you pickup at breakfast.  If you are still on campus at 11:30am, visit the dining hall to make a to-go-lunch.
  • Indicate your dietary restrictions (such as vegetarian meals, gluten-free meals, nut allergy, etc.) on the registration form.

NCTC Site Access Badge

Badges are issued upon check-in.  There are two different badges: one denotes onsite NCTC guests, the other denotes NCTC offsite guest.  If you stay onsite at NCTC (using NCTC lodging), your badge will look different from an individual also registered for the conference but staying some where else.  

Checking Out of NCTC

Each overnight guest will checkout at the hotel desk paying charges with a credit card.

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