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A FEW CONFERENCE PHOTOS                                   

Barb, Ti, Maria, Karen.  Welcome Participants!

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All Winners!                                                                                        Tips for Fly Fishing Program - filled up fast and first!

We memorized and used these reasons to attend.


Titus Piper with swag bags galore.                                               Barb Gigar with coffee and a smile.

Ti Piper, Ben Jelsema, Bill Pepito, and Karen Marks.

Mmmmmmmm.  NCTC fed us good!

Mark Gintert, a popular sponsor.  TBF National Youth Director


Explore Bowfishing.  Rule 1.  Learn to use a bow and arrow.           Fly Fishing Casting Practice. Pure Poetry in Motion!

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Historic boat at NCTC archives.   Karen and Maria studied it.

NCTC was the perfect venue for AREA.


Fishing the Potomac by Canoe, Post-Conference Field Trip October 27, 2016



Amazing Maria Parisi who is the most valued               Karen Marks 2016 President, Barb Gigar 2014 President


Boy Scouts: Bill Pepito and Ben Jelsema                    Watershed Education Crowd

AREA 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Two of the Exhibitors                                             From Australia, Flip Reel by Squiddies. 

Distance Award, traveled 1700+ miles one way to be at the conference.

From the Commonwealth of the National Marinara Islands.

Wilgene Dela Cruz and Michael Tenorio

Special recognition to Ti Piper, outgoing secretary. 
Ti Piper retired last year from being an ARE contractor for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

Ti has served in a number of leadership roles for Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA). Since retirement he is serving as AREA secretary and has been working very hard to consolidate AREA records and prepare for the upcoming conference. Ti is one of the AREA members from the beginning - 1994. This is especially important because, as a contractor, he paid his own expenses to the conferences.

AREA had a special honor for Ti at the conference. Not a plaque or fishing equipment, but a check in his honor to Bamboo Bend,, a charity which works to provide veterans with some healing fishing and rod crafting, and a charity Ti supports.

More pictures at AREA Facebook...

Incoming AREA Board for January 01, 2017 through December 31, 2018

Treasurer Steve Marshall Florida

Far West Region Lori Adams Idaho

North-Central Region Michael Brand Missouri

Northeast Region Kim Sullivan Rhode Island
President-Elect Larry Pape Nebraska

Secretary Lindsey Chizinski Nebraska

President Karen Marks Texas

Pacific Region Katie Nalesere

Southeast Region Bill Pepito Florida

See You in 2018!
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